A Bit About You Betcha

Our Background

You Betcha Pest Control LLC is centrally located in Elgin, MN owned and operated by Gabriel Hall.

While offering several other service to our clients, at the heart of our company's foundations will always be the service to assist farmers with their fly control needs. Through the practice of this service is the ability to learn and adapt to all of our other services that we offer.

Skills Learned:

  • Aggressive Patience- Flies are extremely adaptive to situations and reproduce quickly and with large numbers. Learning to pay attention to the numbers at different times throughout the season can be the difference between helping to sustain a healthy herd and rapid spreading of diseases.
  • Attention To Detail- Yes, it can be simple to know the basics of what, where and how different places are treated, being able to recall the finer details of different treatments is an extremely important component of pest control; knowing that each situation has similarities and also differences can mean the difference between a successful treatment application and a botched unneeded service.
  • Efficiency- This does not mean getting the job done as fast as possible just to stack up as many as possible. What it does mean is, through many hours of training and application, skills become a second nature of working for our clients while always learning to incorporate and evolve new understandings.

Our Core Values

Principles We Live By


The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, moral uprightness.


The state of remaining humble. Not placing your importance over that of someone else.


The process of growth and development using four principles:

  • Variation
  • Inheritance
  • Selection
  • Time


Clear vision, courageous, posses integrity, honesty and humility. Taking pride in the accomplishments of others and help them aspire to reach their goal and beyond.

A Thank You

Commercial found on Minnesota 97.5 FM

Recorded for 2021 to our community. Sending a thank you to those that give so much and ask for so little. Offering our services at discounts to heros.

Meet the Team

A Little About Us




I grew up South of Kellogg, MN in the Mississippi River Valley hunting, fishing and camping.

I have obtained an AAS degree for Legal Administrative Assistant through MN Southeast Technical of Winona and am a past Alumni with the Minnesota State College Student Association (LeadMN).

Since 2016: I have learned of and participated in many different pest control education tactics, training sessions, and have dedicated many thousands of hours to applying these skills.

I like helping people, not only just with their pest control needs, but also as a friend when needed.