Get Rid of the Pests You Detest

Look into professional pest control options in Elgin, MN

A bug infestation in your home can leave you on edge. You might be worried about the health concerns associated with bites and food contamination. You Betcha Pest Control LLC can ease your mind. We provide professional pest control services in the Elgin, MN area.

Our process is efficient and non-invasive. You won't have to vacate the property for interior extermination - just avoid wet areas to allow spray to dry. Our walk-through with hand-held sprayers takes around 20 minutes depending on the property. Discuss your needs with our local exterminator now to get more details on our work.

All pests are a problem

All pests are a problem

What types of bugs are bugging you? Our professional pest control work covers a variety of insects and arachnids, including:

  • Wolf spiders
  • Centipedes and earwigs
  • Wasps, hornets and bees
  • House and cluster flies
  • Silver fish and ants
  • Fungus gnats
Consult a local exterminator on your issue today. We serve clients in Elgin, MN and all the surrounding areas.



Interior items included: baseboards, crack & crevasse, window/door frames, under & behind appliances, under sinks and other exposed piping, crowns where applicable

Exterior items included: all overhangs, peeks & eves, walls and bordering doors/windows, window wells, base extending out 4-6 ft, plus any add on items


*All prices are for single story. Add 7.5% for each additional level.
*A reduction of 5% in price for each additional service treatment per contract.
*Tax not included in prices.

Size Bracket A:

800-1,200 ft2 = $120.00

Size Bracket B:

1,300-2,000 ft2 = $140.00

Size Bracket C:

2,100-4,000 ft2 = $170.00

Size Bracket D:

4,100 ft2 and over = $210.00 plus


Detached Garage: ½ of size bracket price
Interior = $15.00 per room

Alpha Program:

5 time exterior treatment= 1 service every 24-28 days
20% reduction of Bracket Price per service
Includes 1 free interior treatment

Bravo Program:

3 time exterior treatment= 1 spring, 1 mid-summer, 1 fall
10% reduction of Bracket Price per service
includes ½ off one interior service

2 time exterior treatment= 1 spring, 1 fall
5% reduction of Bracket Price per service

All Prices May be Adjusted Per Situation