Don't Share Your Home With Pests

Team up with our pest control company in Elgin, MN

Homes are meant to keep pests out. If rodents and bugs are still getting into your space, you need help from a dependable pest control company. You Betcha Pest Control LLC can handle your project in Elgin, MN or any surrounding area.

We're fully licensed, certified and insured. That means you can trust us to use safe, reliable and humane techniques when dealing with your bug and rodent problems.

Services from an exterminator you can trust

For over a year, our local family-owned pest control company has been eliminating or relocating inconvenient pests for home and farm owners. Our company owner has over five years of experience and a background in agriculture, allowing him to provide exceptional care to every client and their property.

We're dedicated to serving our community any way we can. Pencil in pest control services in the Elgin, MN area today.

Ridding your space of any pests

Because of our company owner's background in agriculture, our team focuses on professional pest control from a nature-based angle. We understand how to tackle a variety of species based on their behaviors and environments. Plus, we have extensive experience with farms and ranches.

Whether you own a home or a dairy farm, you can rely on us for:

Fly control services

Bee removal services

Rodent removal services

We're also available for general pest control services. This covers a variety of bugs, including wasps, hornets, flies, gnats and more. Call 507-735-2065 now to speak with the owner of our insect and rodent control company directly. We also offer humane bee removal.

Keep Insects, Spiders and Rodents Out

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